Friday, October 30, 2009

Muffin Cookies

No, this is not a great new recipe that I think everyone needs to try.
This is the result of letting your kids help you bake cookies.
I do homeschool after all and baking is one of the easiest ways to help break up a long afternoon and let it still be considered educational.
Of course we were out of chocolate chips, but i did have some butterscotch ones. YUM.
So we just followed the normal recipe. I gave both girls their own big bowls, to help with the fighting of who gets to pour or measure next. I had the brilliant idea to make two batches and that would help us not miss or count any extra measurements.
It didn't help.
Somewhere along the line someone counted either too many cups of flour or too many teaspoons of baking powder.
Hence the title, Muffin Cookies!
They might not have tasted that great, (chewy, gooey, flat)
but we sure had fun, and the girls think they were a success. Even when late last night my husband asked the girls if he could have another one of those muffins!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I didn't tell her, so let's go ahead and talk about her

I have not told my oldest daughter about this blog. And I'm okay with that. I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. Someday when she's much older, she may even appreciate having her whole teenage life written down for the whole world to read. Right?

Moving on.

Homecoming is coming up this week at her H.S., the big football game and ofcourse the dance. She doesn't have a date...phew...
The boy that she was hoping would ask her, apparently says he's "not into dances......." Not sure what that means, except that I guess he's not going. But that isn't stopping her. She's still determined to go.

I love that about her.

When I was in High School I always seemed to be attracted to the boys who weren't into dances either. (that's weird)
So I didn't bother going. I apparently was too cool to admit I really wanted to go. I realize now it wasn't cool, it was scaredy cat.

Anyway, too cool or scaredy cat is not her. If there is fun to be had she will find a way to be a part of it.

I love that about her.

We went to town the other day.
(I love saying "went to town". It's like we're Little House on the Prairie and going into town is a big deal. Which it actually is, considering we live an hour away from the nearest mall.
We stopped at Ross (love Ross) and she found a dress for $11.00! Yes, a dress for a Homecoming dance for $11.00!

I love that about her.

I wish she didn't want to really even go to this dance. I know it's suppose to be fun and all, but I can't help wishing she just wanted to stay home and watch movies with me and have not an ounce of care about boys right now. It's so hard finding that balance of letting her have fun but then protecting her purity.
I know, I know it's just a dance.
But I also know it's hard to take Jesus to a highschool dance and I don't want her to leave Him at the door.
I have to believe she won't. And as she dances the night away that she'll remember how amazing she is and how much Jesus loves her.
I know she will.
I love that about her.

Monday, October 19, 2009

daughters vs. sons

I love having daughters.

I think raising sons is so much harder. Not that I would know, because I only have daughters.
But, the responsibility of raising a son to be a man just seems harder.

I tend to be a little old fashioned in my thinking. So I picture raising boys to be THE MAN of the family. The provider, the spiritual leader, the hunter and fisher, the decision maker.......basically the Leader of his family.

That just overwhelms me.

Not that raising daughters is always a walk in the park. But I love my "job" as a woman in our family. I love teaching our daughters the things that will help them be great moms and wives someday. That just seeems easy and natural.

I'm not even sure why I am even thinking this today. This is not what I was going to write about.

Maybe it's because my husband got up early this morning to go deer hunting and I'm picturing him out there in the freezing cold, wet, dark morning....alone.

Now, I know there are plenty of daughters out there that love to hunt and hang out with there Dads.....our daughters, not so much.

So, sometimes I am a little sad for my husband.
Maybe a little sad for myself too. Not having the challenge of raising a son.

To all you Moms out there raising sons today. May God bless you with the wisdom and strength to raise amazing sons. Maybe one of them is for one of my daughters. May Jesus be there ultimate example of a man.

Do you think raising sons is harder than daughters?