Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 wrap up!

I really only started blogging half way through this year, but I think this list could easily sum it up.
My year has felt a little off balanced, and I usually try to keep myself together with some sort of list or being organized, so it's no surprise to have numbers used in 2 of my titles.

Yes,I'm slowly trying to get to the real me, with the help of this blog.

But mostly this year has been about my daughters. (I just can't help myself.) So I'm not surprised to find one of my favorite stories about my #1!

Here's my (half) year.

the real me

Take two

daughters vs. sons

She danced the night away......and went bowling?

Day #1

Monday, December 21, 2009


There are those moments in life when you can look back and see where your life was at a crossroad. A decision made that altered your path.
Sometimes when you're in the midst of it you don't realize how important a decision can be.

This is where we've been the last few days. At a crossroad.

My daughter's crossroad.

Am I going to let the world's views of what is normal and acceptable help me determine what I tell her?
Am I going to listen to that small convicting voice that's whispering to me?
Am I going to show my daughter how you let your actions match what your words have been?

Yes, this is all about a boy.

This has been the first real chance for my daughter to put Jesus first.
And it's been hard.

I wish it was always easy to walk with Jesus, but the plain truth is that sometimes it's just plain hard.

And He knows it.

This weekend,I watched my daughter put Jesus first. And though many tears were shed, it was the most amazing thing to see.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

boys, boys, boys

This has been a tough subject for us.

When my daughter was home schooled it was very easy to keep the boy situation in perspective.

Sure, they have their summer swimteam where the girls and boys all hang out together all summer, practically naked. But it's mostly supervised by us adults and these kids have hung out together for years so it has that more of a family feel to it.

High school is a whole different planet.

we thought we had made it clear to our daughter that we don't really want her to have a boyfriend.

Does that seem extreme?

Here's our case.
(And yes I feel as if I'm in court, under oath, ready to be sent to jail)

That's what having a teenage daughter makes you feel like.  for me sometimes.

She is almost 16. We have told her that when she is 16 she can start dating. 
But not really dating as in having a boyfriend here and one there. More like go to the movies with this boy, maybe a dance with that boy, hang out with one at lunch this day...................

Ya know what I mean?

I don't really like the idea of her having a boyfriend. A boyfriend to me means, hand holding, kissing, and basically one step away from marriage.

I don't want her to have held 20 hands, and kissed 20 boys, before she says I do.
I am trying to protect her from this as much as I can.

High School is not.

"Everyone has a boyfriend, Mom!"
"Everyone has had boyfriends since they were like 13!"

But I don't want her to be like everyone.

But for her, it's hard. She thinks somethings wrong with her because she hasn't had a boyfriend.

(okay I'm really starting to hate the word boyfriend)

2 weeks ago she started talking about this boy on the basketball team. How cute we thought. He called her the other night and they laughed and talked for a whole hour. How cute we thought.

Today she came home and said he asked her to go out with him.
How cute we thought, like meeting at the movies or something...........

No. like as in be his girlfriend.
How not cute we thought.

Where did we go wrong. I swear we've had numerous conversations about this. Is her hormones heart just overriding her senses right now?

I feel a little bit at a lose right now. This is new territory for us and I feel like I have a vision in my head of how I'm suppose to be handling this, but it's not playing out all that well.

I would love any advice, prayers, humorous stories at this point that anyone  can  offer.

Monday, December 14, 2009


My oldest daughter is not really athletic.

This is not an insult, just truth and she knows it.

She also tends to be a little clutsy. Kind of like the girl in the Princess Diaries movies. We call her that alot, Mia.

This does not stop her from trying though.

At the end of last year, she tried out for cheerleading. There was stiff competition and she had never even tried to learn or do a cheer in her life.

 She didn't make it. It was crushing.

But I had never been more proud of her. Seeing her try something new and obviously stepping out of her comfort zone, was amazing!

This year as school started, she had some friends who played soccer. There was not going to be  enough girls trying out for the team to make a JV team, so they were going around school trying to get girls to tryout.

Cue my daughter.

In her defense she has played soccer before.

When she was 5!

But she's a supporter and a help a friend in need kinda girl.

So, she borrowed some shin guards, bought some ugly shoes cleats, and signed right up.

It was a rough year for the JV team as it consisted of more than half the players not really wanting to be there and the other half having no idea what they were doing. But they were definately fun to watch.

We had the Soccer banquet the other night. I watched amazing videos and heard great stories of some really athletic and talented young ladies.                       

But my proudest moment?

Watching my daughter receive the Most Improved Player award!

We'll leave out the part where she almost tripped going up to receive it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my 10 to my Salvation

Go here to read more 10 0n the 10th!

I wanted to do a Christmas edition, but I didn't think you all wanted to hear about my 10 favorite cookies. It seems all I can think about right now is FOOD!
Then I thought about doing the 10 gifts I'm hoping to receive for Christmas, but then I realized I'm sure I'm not getting any of them ,and it felt a little depressing.

But I wasn't depressed for long because I realized I have already received the best gift I could ever get.

My Salvation.

So, I'm going to try and tell my story. My testimony. In 10 easy steps.

1. I grew up basically without a mom, raised by my dad, then a step family, and no Jesus.

2. I was a rowdy, rebellious teenager. sshh. don't tell my daughter.

3. I met a cute boy my senior year of H.S. who was also rowdy and rebellious.

4. Then I met his parents. And there was something different about them.

5. After H.S. I tried on my own to grow up and stop being so rowdy, and I did kinda, but I was.....bitter? lonely? sad? lost? Yeah, all those.

6. That cute boy and I decided to move in together. shh. don't tell my daughter. That was all I would commit to.

7. Cute boy's parent were still different. Every time we got together they talked about Jesus. How much this Jesus loved me. That I would need this Jesus more than anything else in the world.

8. They recommended a christian radio station to listen to. And I listened. I listened to the words of the songs and found myself thinking; how can they sing of being so in love with this Jesus, like he was really real or something.

9. So, I started praying in my car as I drove to work, which was an hour drive every day, that if Jesus was real then he would have to show me himself.

10. One day I got home from work and there were tickets to John Jacobs and the Power Team.
{Does anyone remember them} So cute boy and I went. I don't remember much from that night, except when they asked if there was anyone out in the audience who has been seeking to know if Jesus was real, listening to others and listening to songs trying to get who this Jesus was. The guy was talking to me, and I knew it. I left cute boy in the stands and went down and met and fell in love with Jesus.

Wow, that was hard. Picking 10 things that stood out in my long road to meeting Jesus. I didn't do it justice I'm sure. But He knows all the details that lead me to Him, and that's what's important.

I'm pretty sure most of you that happen to read this blog already know Jesus. But we come in contact with people everyday who don't. I pray you're letting Jesus show through you and that someone will see you and think, wow that person is different!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bus

My oldest daughter rides the bus to school every day.

She hates it.

I hated it too when I was in high school.

So of course I think she needs to experience it. It's like a rite of passage. It builds character. She'll appreciate her own vehicle so much more some day.

But some days I just feel so bad for her.

Like this morning when it is -2 degrees outside. Yes, you heard right. -2 degrees!

And there is ONE heater on the bus.

Now the good news is, her stop is the very first one so you'd think the chances of her getting the seat that the heater is under would be good.

Not so much lately.

There is a new family that started coming to our bus stop.
And one of the girls always takes the heat seat.

This morning, as we were sitting in the car waiting for the bus, my daughter was determined to get in line first and get the heat seat.

I tried to offer some advice;
"Just politely ask her if you can sit there today, and take turns or something."

"Mom, have you seen her? She's not exactly the sharing type!"

Honestly we don't normally judge people by their appearances.
But something in the way this girl looks, just screams don't mess with me!

So as the bus pulled up, my daughter flew out the door, and ran over to be first in line.

(I know, real Christian like behavior. But come on it's -2!)

As the bus doors opened, the brute girl stepped in front of my daughter and squeezed onto the bus first!

I couldn't believe it.

Part of me was so proud of my daughter for not getting into a knock down pushing match with this girl and totally embarrassing me getting hurt.
But part of me was sad for her.

If she's decided on her own to suffer and be Jesus to someone, then I support her.
But if she's suffering because she scared, I don't want to support that.

What should I tell her?

Pray about the heat seat? Yes, I know God cares about our needs. But I have a feeling He cares about this bully girl more.

Any advice?

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Baby

My baby turns 6 today.

It makes me so sad, yet so happy too.

She has definately lived up to her place in the family, as the baby.

That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I have pancakes to make. (her request)

I have last minute decorations to put up.

I have silver to polish (not really) and china to set out for our tea party later. (her request)

And I have presents to wrap.

But most importantly;
I have knees to go to and prayers of thanksgiving to give.

Children are a blessing and a gift and a mystery too.
Why some are given so easily into the wombs of some and stay there and do exactly what they're suppose to do and come easily into this world, while others never even have the chance to it make there, is a mystery to me.

A heartbreaking one.

Our childrens' health and our ability to have them and that God would even bless me with 3 beautiful daughters, with personalities and gifts that only He could know I needed, is beyond my comprehension.

So, most importantly it's to my knees I will go this morning and thank Him for giving me such a gift that I don't even begin to deserve.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quirky Family rituals! Thanks Preacher's Wife.

I am joining The Preacher's Wife today to share some quirky family rituals.
We don't really have any that seem too quirky, but I wanted to participate in this because I just love The Preacher's wife. She is very quirky. And I mean that with a great deal of respect.

I'm loving the word quirky. I need to add it to my list.

I think the most quirky thing we do is open presents on Christmas Eve.

Ok. I know. I know. Just calm down!

It started years ago when my husband and I first got married. His little sister has a Birthday on Christmas Eve. So we would go over to my In-laws house for a Birthday party and a Christmas party. Well, while we were there my MIL wanted to be able to give us our presents too, so we would open them. When we had our first daughter it was natural for her to open her presents from them then too. Now 3 kids later we still open the presents from them on Christmas eve. We do save all the other presents and stockings until Christmas morning though.

Do you guys have any quirky Christmas rituals?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day #1

Last night we put our #1's on 2 of our 3 Christmas countdowns/countups, the other is truly a countdown so it was set at 24 days left.

Ok. Did it take any other family forever to figure out what number we are on? It was the 1st and Christmas is on the 25th, how could it be at 24..........we had calendars out and fingers were counted. It was ridiculous. We do it every year.

And yes I homeschool and can't even do basic math. Whatever.

This year so many of you have such great ideas that you have shared in regards to Advent Calendars.

Is it calendars or calenders?

And yes I homeschool and also can't seem to spell.

Some of your ideas included having a small family activity attatched to each day; baking cookies, reading a Christmas story together, etc.

I love this and have stolen tons of your ideas. I did however come up with one of my own. kinda.

Last night's little paper said:
Sing Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is coming to town . together. Outside on the deck. Really loud.

I wish we more of a spiritual family that knew the words by heart to Silent night or something, but I knew we didn't and I thought printing out the words and handing them out and turning into a complete drill sergeant, would ruin the festive mood I was going for. So I went with some classics I knew we all knew.

At first everyone, and by everyone I mean my husband and teenager, bulked. My 5 and 9 year old were all over this!

But my cheery encouragement prevailed and out we all went. It was only 20 degrees out so we probably should have put coats on but I wasn't about to stop now.
At first the singing was quiet and everyone seemed nervous and giggly. But by chorus 2 of Jingle Bells we were belting it out!

We don't even have close neighbors so I don't know what the big deal was. I think it would have been even funner(totaly a word) if we did. I can just see people sitting in their living rooms watching t.v. and thinking they hear singing and stopping to listen for just a minute. Don't you think they would be smiling?

We sure were.
And wasn't that the point. smiles.

So, if you have sing a song together as one of your activities, why not try it outside for the whole neighborhood (or woods) to hear.