Monday, September 22, 2008

survived the dance or no-dance debate

Today is Monday. Last week was stressful trying to decide if our daughter could go to her very first school dance. She really wanted to go. Of course she did! We weren't so sure she really knew what she was wanting to go to. In theory it sounds harmless and fun, I wish it always could be. But 18 year old boys, crazy music, dark room, 18 year old boys........ I mean she's only 14. When is it ever a good idea to let your 14 year old daughter be alone with 18 year old boys? After much discussion about what could possily go on, mostly from her Fathers view point, he was an 18 year old boy afterall, we decided to not let her go to this one. She was ok with the decision and even had a few friends her also weren't allowed to go. She did however get to go to the football game with some friends and managed to come home with shin splints! I know! Shinsplints from "watching" a football game? I guess they did a little more walking around than actually watching the game. "crush" update; They are just good friends, he may actually have feelings for another girl. phewww! although they text eachother now and she is finding more out about him, like that he hunts, rides motorbikes, looks cute in a baseball hat.....wait a minute, this sounds like the way I describe her father. Oh, lifes little paybacks, if you could only see them coming to prepare yourself. But then maybe we wouldn't need Jesus so much and trust in His plans for our lives. That's what I'm doing now, needing and trusting Him!

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