Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh yah, today is my anniversary

I guess once I decide somethings a good idea, there's no stopping me. (hence the 2 posts in one day) I like the word hence. Did I even use or spell it correctly? And another thing, is there a spell check on this blog? Anyway, Today is my 16th Anniversary. I wish I knew how to get a picture from my photo album into the computer and then onto here. We are just so darn cute. My husband was only 19 when we got married. I was much older......21! I just watched our wedding video with my two youngest girls and they thought it was the greatest thing. They, of course, couldn't believe how skinny I was, and that I sure wore alot of makeup. I really didn't have that much makeup on, it's just that I only wear mascara now. All the eyeshadow, blush and the bright pink lipstick must have looked a little shocking to them. Did I mention how skinny I was? I can't believe I thought I needed to lose weight back then. I cried watching parts. When my little sister-in-law sang, seeing my Grama Helen(who is no longer with us), dancing with my Dad.........but I really choked up and one part when me and my hubby were just looking into eachothers smiling faces not realizing the camera was catching us......we look so full of hope and happiness and love. I wanted to talk to myself and say remember and enjoy these easy days together. I wanted to warn myself of some tough choices that would be coming up and tell myself what I should do differently. It was weird. It was also good though to see us so in love. That love is still there I just needed to see it so clearly, like it was in that video. Hoping that today when he gets home from work, I'll catch a glimps of that cute 19 year old and he'll get a glimps of that skinny older woman!

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