Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take two

It's Thursday, of the first week back to school. This week is going so slow. Last night my oldest daughter (the one in High school) said, "Mom, isn't this week going so fast!" Wait a minute. This is how I started out last year's post. But it's true. It was so nice having her around all summer long. She spent every moment with us or at least with her friends that I love like they were our family. Now she's back there. At that school. Surrounded by boys, super skinny girls, swear words, gossip, boys, bad attitudes, peer pressure, boys....... She started the week, keeping what was important in mind. "School is not about clothes and clicks, and boys...It's about learning and trying new sports and getting good grades and figuring out what you want to do AFTER this..." Those are her words not mine! And already I can see the pressure of this thing they call public High School, trying to worm it's way into her thinking. She's cranky, said something about me being old, has no time for her younger sisters, NEEDS her cell phone back (which she didn't mention needing once this whole summer), wants more hoodies from some store that will cost more than a week's groceries.......... Do I sound bitter? I'm not meaning to. Honestly, I'm a little scared. When I was driving her to school that first day, we prayed together and I tried to give her encouraging words, like; Think of this as going into battle. Be prepared for the enemies attacks. Put on your full armor of God....... She looked at me like I was crazy. "They're just teenagers, Mom!" Exactly!

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