Tuesday, November 10, 2009

10 words I do not like

I love words. I love reading them, saying them, hearing them, putting my own twist on them.......
Although, I don't really like to talk to alot and have always thought that less is more when it comes to communication.

This irritates my husband.

There are also words I just do not like. I do not like to say them, hear them, and I definitely put my own twist on them if I need to say them.

I'm not even sure if I can do this list, that's how much I don't like them. And this is a PG list mind you. I don't even have a rated R vocabulary.

So, if you avoid some words like I do, then I encourage you to stop reading now.

Why am I even doing this?

Here goes..........

Who am I kinding? I can't do it.

Let's do a few of my favorite words instead.

1. Hence
2. albeit
3. ballet
4. furthermore
5. pinkish
6. lofty
7. exhaustified
8. unique
9. chica
10. totally

Ok I know I'll think of ones I love better as soon as I post this, but these are a few off the top of my head.
And no, I'm not British or Spanish, but have been known to talk that way around the house. Teenage daughters think this is really entertaining.


Do you have favorite words? Please don't leave words you don't like because they may be the same ones I can't stand. (Or is this just something weird about me?) Or do you have any words you put your own twist on, like my #7?


Kendra said...

I love using fun words like "hence" and "albeit". And weird enough, I once met a southern boy named "Hence". Never asked if it was short for "Henson" or if it was spelled "Hense". I just loved hearing the name!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I like using the word "dismay".

Love your list.

At the top of my dislike list is the word "moist". Ewwww.

New Every Morning said...

I love the words:


They aren't very big or fancy, but they mean so much, in so many ways...

Mollie said...

My son came home from pre-school the first week and said "gianormous"?? Come to find out they put it in the dictionary!
Some dumb people use big words to try to sound smart.. in turn it makes them look like an educated red-neck!! lol
Hope your not to lonely this shopping/hunting season!!

Gretchen said...

Great idea!

We do word mash ups all the time, hence: gladitude (glad + good attitude). Did you see how I inserted one of your faves? Flawless, right?

One of my pet words is "whilst".

Also, my husband and I have lots of fun with whatever the trendy words of the day are. E.g. "fo shiz". Of course this highly embarrasses and annoys our 11 year old dtr, so we giggle and do it for just a little longer. ;)

Amber said...

I love this list!!

I'm a wordy girl and lovey to use words that are real and not so real.

And you're right....I add "y" to lots of my words.

Nice to meetcha!!!

Tiffani said...

I'm hopping over from Mer's...glad to see another WordGirl like myself (my kids love that show on PBS)!

Love your list!

I love:


that's all i can think of this second but there are TONS more!

Carpool Queen said...

I like dodgy and skittish. And ginormous. And funky. Definitely funky.

Carrie B said...

I love your list - and aren't all words better with an "ish" after?

One of my favorites . . . such. As in . . . and such.

Just sayin'

Irritable Mother said...

Yes, I was particularly drawn to your #7. *grin*
I like "garbanzo beans" just because it's so fun to say.
As for words I like to twist a bit? How about "ginormous"? You know, something so big it is both gigantic and enormous.
Yep. Words are fun!

Irritable Mother said...

No kidding!
I just now read the previous comments. And went to dictionary.com. Ginormous is seriously a real word. I had no idea! LOL