Monday, November 23, 2009

My computer caught Swine Flu

Our computer caught Swine Flu a virus last week.
So, I wasn't able to get on the internet all week.
Oh how I missed you all.

That seems weird.

But I really did.

And my daughter about lost it, not being able to check everyones status on her Myspace.
And now she has a Facebook account too.

Those both make me nervous.

That seems weird too.

I go on there often with her and see what's going on and what her friends are talking about. I monitor her pictures she puts on there. I make her delete friends that are constantly cussing and being inapropriate.

It's kindof tiring though.

And she gets so annoyed when I ask to go on there with her and ask to see so and so's pictures , or ask "what does that mean when he says that..?"

But I figure if I'm tired and she's annoyed, I must being doing something right. :)

Gotta go.
I got lots of catching up on your lives reading to do.


Anonymous said...

Love this! I do the exact same thing. I even check it when she's not with me. I feel like if she wants privacy then she should pay for the internet/cell phone/mortgage/etc. I even said something about a pending friend request and she said, "how did you know that?" and I said, "I know all". Sorry, them's the rules.

Irritable Mother said...

"if I'm tired and she's annoyed, I must be doing something right."
LOVE IT!!!!! *grin*
Oh, how I wish (as an adult!) that my mom had kept closer tabs on me as a teen. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!

Today I used FB as a prayer center. Had several people who sent me specific prayer requests and I was praying almost all day. It was wonderful!!!

May the peace of Christ rest upon you today.

Rena said...

Glad I stopped by to visit. (via The Preacher's Wife)

You crack me up. Of course, I'm laughing "with you", not "at you".

Get yourself a facebook account and then you won't need to sit over her shoulder. You can just pop over to her profile.

Mean moms rock!

Love covers,

Rena Gunther @