Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Should I tell her?

My oldest daughter, whom this whole blog was even started for in the first place, does not even know about it.
I'm feeling a little guilty about that.

Should I tell her? Ask her permission to write about her?
Or is this MY blog and MY feelings and observations?
I don't think I've written or will write anything too personal or something I haven't talked to her already about.
But, I'm feeling a little guilt when I type something about her.

She is 15.

So, basically that means she is completely unpredictable.
She could think this is a total violation of her privacy.
Or she could think it was cool, like she was almost famous or something.

The other two are only 6 and 9. I feel I have awhile yet before they realize the humiliation I can cause them.
So, do you think I should tell her?
And if I tell her, do I let her read it?

Thanks for the help.


Irritable Mother said...

In my opinion? Let the guilt go!
If your daughter's friends were reading your blog - yeah - you would certainly need her blessing. But I think you're safe.

Of course, I say this being one who writes about my kids ALL THE TIME. So take what I say with a grain of salt, I guess. *grin*

Regarding feeling bad about having been hard on your daughter without knowing about the dyslexia - oh, can I ever relate. Even knowing my son had ADHD, I still wonder if I'm too hard on him. I seriously wonder sometimes, Can he really not control himself? Is this really beyond him? How can he possibly be so impulsive???

There is so much about him/ADHD I do not understand, to which I simply cannot relate. I know I need to give him grace, but I need wisdom to know how to lead him through the challenge and not to let him just rot in it.

Somehow we'll make it, right? *grin*

Gretchen said...

i agree with IM. Let go of the guilt. It's okay for Momma to have something of her own. And we have learning challenges in this house, too. Sigh. We do the best we can with what we have, and ask His grace to be sufficient, no?