Monday, May 10, 2010

Anniversary 10

This month is my 17 year wedding anniversary. I thought I should do something in honor of that.

10 things about the our wedding day.

1. we didn't have a family church at the time of our wedding so I just picked a church near our home town that was beautiful on the outside and the sanctuary was big and beautiful too. When I told my future Mother in law about the church she started laughing and crying and said that was the church they had gotten married at 20 years earlier.

2. The Pastor of the church had gotten sick and was going to be out for a few months and in his place was a lady pastor. My future husband thought that was weird to be married by a lady.
Is that weird?

3. The morning of our wedding I had my hair done at a salon. I hated it. When I got to the church I had to re-curl it and fix the clip.

4. I wore bright pink lipstick. I still have that tube of lipstick, I only wore it that day and I can't seem to throw it away.

5. The dress shop forgot to put the hoop-like slip I was borrowing in with my dress and I panicked for about 30 minutes until I put the dress on and found out I liked the way it fit better without it.

6. My best friend was my Maid of Honor and my sister was my other Bridesmaid. They wore bright pink dresses, pink shoes, and pink gloves.
I really wanted to wear a pink dress myself but no one would let me. I did however wear something else pink that no one saw!

7. My future little sister in law sang before the wedding. She sang, Saved the best for last by Vanessa Williams. This song still makes me cry.

8. After our "kiss" I turned to go back down the aisle even though the wedding wasn't over and had to turn back around, the whole church laughed.

9. After the ceremony the Limo driver was threatening to leave because we were taking too long with pictures, we ran out of food at the reception, My husbands great Aunt fell and broke her wrist and the ambulance had to come and take her away, someone had grabbed my 5 year old nieces 'Blankie' to use for the fallen Auntie and there was a brief panic when we found out it went to the hospital with her, Our car's sunroof was open and birdseed was dumped in the car, a few of my husband's friends got overly drunk on champagne and started causing a scene, we couldn't find the expensive cake knife and server I had bought so we had to use this ugly brown rusty knife to cut our cake.

10. I still remember looking across the room after only being at the reception for about 2 hours and locking eyes with my new husband and it being like we could read eachothers minds. We were both ready to get out of there and be alone. And we did.

Things may not have been perfect and looking back there are so many things I would have planned and done differently, but it is still one of the happiest days I have ever had. Those details that don't go perfect don't really matter, it's your wedding day! That fact alone is enough to make it the best day ever.


Mrs. Claus said...

I love your list this month! So many memories. . . I don't know if I can remember that many details of my wedding, it was all such a blur. (Maybe the July post I will try. Hee hee!)

Melissa said...

Great list! We were married by a lady who was at least 85, was 30 minutes late and forgot to tell my Dad he could sit down after walking me down the aisle.

When you're planning the wedding you get so wrapped up in everything being perfect. But nearly 7 years later, all that stuff doesn't matter!!

Such The Spot said...

A perfect day, in spite of the mishaps...

And, have you ever watched that Quest for the Dress (or something like that) show on TV? I saw it only once, and the bride picked out a dress that had pink in it. You just got married in the wrong decade, friend!

Michele said...

I really loved #1. Oh my at #9 and #10 is so sweet. Congratulations on 17 years!

whimzie said...

Those are some of the sweetest wedding memories! Even the crazy ones! Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more fun and even crazy memories!

Kecia said...

That was so much fun to read! Our 17th is next month--do you mind if I copy your idea?
I forgot to wear my hoop thingy, too, and didn't miss it. And my bridesmaids wore pink, too. I still love my bridesmaids dresses!

Irritable Mother said...

Love it!
My 17th anniversary is coming up in August. 1993 was a good year! *grin*
Consider yourself fortunate to have missed the hoop. I had the hoop, my nylons, and my backless/strapless bra all rubbing at my waist. Ouch! (Was ready to take it off for more than one reason. LOL!)

Regarding the mishaps - I was so thankful for the words of wisdom someone shared with me before my wedding. "Whatever doesn't go right today, you're going to be married. That's the most important part of the day. The rest doesn't really matter that much."
So why did we spend so much time and money on that which doesn't matter??? *sigh*

Amy in Peru said...

wow 17 years is awesome! I love that you love pink :)

I think your stories are so perfectly wonderful... great memories!

amy in peru

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Congrats on 17 years!!!!

I think it's great you wrote these things down...your kids will thank you one day!

Teresa Henry said...

I am so glad I was in your wedding...I loved the bridesmaid dresses...such a pretty pink...and my hair was very puffy that day!
Megan still tells the story of her blanket getting lost...and at 2 weeks from being 21...she STILL has that same blanket...she sleeps with it still. Good thing we treked across town to fetch it from the hospital!
You looked so pretty that day. (and still do).
Love you!!!!!