Friday, June 18, 2010


When I was little my Aunt had a ballet studio. everytime I would visit her, I would borrow tights and a leotard and go to class with her.
I wish there was video of me attempting the class, because I'm sure it would be funny.
But I loved it.
I'm not sure if it was because I just loved my Aunt so much or if it was the music. There is just something so beautiful about classical music that just makes you feel like you're dancing so graceful, even though you aren't.

I have had all 3 daughters in ballet as soon as they can point their toes.

Daughter #1 was done with it around 8, no matter how much I begged her to keep trying, it just wasn't for her. So I agreed and we set off in search of the next thing for her.......

Daughter #2 loved it for the first couple years, but she is so active and competitive that ballet is just not really at her speed of things. Every year she says can I be done with ballet? But then she remembers something.

The recital!

Make up and glitter and a stage.
Those 3 things are right up her alley.

Daughter #3 seems like she might be the one to stick with it for a long time.
She is tiny and a perfectionist and has a long neck. ok her feet have a natural turn in, which actually is not all that great for ballet, but I force her to do turn out exercises daily.
not really, just kidding.

The day may come when all my girls stop going to ballet and I'll have to pack up the all the pink tights and leotards. And I'll hang all their tutus in my closet and pray for granddaughters.

But for now I have two beautiful, my idea of perfect, exactly what I always hoped for ballerinas.


Irritable Mother said...

I started ballet at age 5, and stuck with it through sixth grade. Because in sixth grade I got my toe shoes. And at that point (pun TOTALLY intended *grin*) getting toe shoes was my only motivation to keep going.
Got back into it for a year or two in high school, but jazz and tap were more my speed.

BTW, I fully understand the make up, glitter and stage thing. Loved my recitals every year! Esp. because I also got to go to the beauty salon to get my hair done up fancy. *wink*

Anonymous said...

Seriously we are the same blogger in another life. My little one has feet that turn in but she still loves ballet. She's also my last chance at a piano player. We just finished our recital with my oldest and youngest doing jazz and tap. They take ballet but don't do the recital for it. My youngest will next year. My middle one leans to sports that don't require her to run much. We're trying volleyball again. Ha!

Oh, and I get my baby fix by working in the nursery at church!

Gretchen said...

Perfect, indeed! Look at that glitter~heaven!!! :)

Such The Spot said...

Aw...Oh my goodness they're absolutely precious.

We did our first dance recital this year. And while it wasn't ballet that my redhead danced, it was pretty awesome.