Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My daughter is almost home.

Her plane will be here at 1:03pm.

I haven't set eyes on her in 15 days.

When I try and picture her beautiful face in my mind you know what I see?

I see her little.  Her little chubby smiley face. Holding her little pudgy arms out to me to hug.

I have a feeling that's not what's going to be walking off that plane though.

Ok, gotta go. It's 6:20 am. Is that a little too early to head to the airport?


Mrs. Claus said...

LOL! Do you think a grumpy girl will get off that plane?

O Mom said...

Well maybe slightly grumpy...but I was thinking more like she will look old....tan and beautiful and I will see that glint in her eye, that even though she missed home, traveling and living her own life sure was fun.....

Irritable Mother said...

Love this!

My daughter is gone now, too. On a mission trip with a group from church. But she just left Sunday, and will be home Friday. Wow - 15 days is a long time!

Enjoy your reunion!

(And, yeah. Maybe you should wait a few more minutes before you head out. *grin*)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the "where did she go?" story?