Friday, July 23, 2010

Apparently she thinks she can travel the world now

My kids are all on a summer swim team.
We've been doing this for 6 summers.

Ours is a little different in that we actual belong to a Canadian group, eh.

We are the only American team. It's pretty neat really. Like at all the swim meets they always sing our National Anthem for us.

It's kind of a World Peace thing happening in our small part of  the world.
2 Countries. 1 team.

So there is another swim meet this weekend.
It's far away.
No Hotels.

We've never been to this particular meet. It's far away and I usually am starting to get burnt out by this point.

Cue my daughter.
Her and her best friend and their other friend,who happens to be an assistant coach this year, all wanted to go.

They came up with a plan.
Pack their own food.
Check in with the other swim team parents that would be there.
Call home each day.

Somehow we said yes.
To Canada. 3 teenage girls.
And one is 19. Isn't that the legal drinking age in Canada?

Thinking I might not get much sleep this weekend.


Irritable Mother said...

You are a brave woman. We need to keep in touch, as I think you're going to need to hold my hand through the next several years. *grin*

Gretchen said...

And so???? How did it go? YOu're kinda leaving us, here. :) I'm so behind on blogs, but miss ya!