Sunday, July 4, 2010

POST 100!!!!!

So, it's my 100th post and I like to keep traditions.
This is still a tradition right?

Here are 100 facts about me.
I like how I started this blog to be about my oldest daughter and now it has quickly become all about me.
I don't think she'll be that surprised when she reads this someday!

Be prepared.

For what? I don't know...boredom, shocking facts, who let me know, k!

1.  I was born in a cabin (not a hospital)
2.  My middle name is Friend
3.  We then lived in a Teepee (or Tipi) seriously
4.  My parents were obviously hippies
5.  My Grandma used to come and get me and take me home and give me baths.
6.  I went to South America when I was 1, with my hippie parents.
7.  I have no idea what we were doing there, and it's not something I can get
     either of them to talk about     
8. There is a rumor that I was almost stolen because some people there had
     never seen a white, blonde haired, blue eyed baby
9.  My Mom left there soon after that

Wow this sounds pretty exciting so far.........

10. My parents divorced.
11. My Mom became an alcoholic and lost custody of me, I think I was 4
12. My Dad was actually not in much better shape, just hid it better
13. I spent alot of time with my 2 Aunts, secretly wishing one of them would
       adopt me
14. My Dad had lots of girlfriends
15. I wanted every one of them to be my Mom
16. When he finally met the one that would become my Mom, I wanted nothing
       to do with her. I think my little heart was already hardened
17. I saw my Mom on and off during this time and never gave up hope of
      living with her
18. She has chosen a lifestyle to lead that I still cannot really talk about

okay now this is just sounded too sad.......

19. My favorite t.v. shows were Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, and The 
20. I wanted to be a spy when I grew up
21. I lived with Dad, Step-Mom, Step-Sister, Step-Brother
22. I loved my Step-Sister
23. I used to sneak into her room to look at her stuff
24. I used to borrow her clothes without asking
25. I would spy on her and her friends
26. I would spy on her and her boyfriends
27. She really did not love me during this time
28. I made friends easy as a kid
29. But I was really shy
30. I was good at school but hated it
31. My favorite class in high school was English
32. It was the only class I actually tried to do well in
33. I lived with my Mom for part of my Junior year
34. I was not getting along with my Step-mom and Dad
35. My Mom tried to be "the Mom" but she was really more of a friend
36. I needed a MOM
37. That summer I lived with my Grandparents in Bellingham
38. I got a job as lifeguard at the kids pool
39. I spent the whole summer watching Moms with their kids
40. God started doing something in my heart
41. I went back to school my Senior year determined to be different
42. But I didn't know Jesus so I fell right back into my old ways
43. I was voted my Senior class Rebel      seriously
44. And Best Eyes
45. They said I couldn't have 2 in the year book, so they took the Best Eyes
46. I am still a little bitter about that
47. I met my husband that year in Art class
48. He was a Junior
49. We tried dating
50. He got back together with an old girlfriend
51. We spent the next year just being friends
52. I moved out with my best friend right after we graduated
53. I was too scared to go to college
54. I worked full time in the cosmetic department of a drug store
55. I was promoted to Manager soon after
56. My friend moved back home
57. I stopped partying and work became my life
58. That same guy wanted to move in with me
59. I said no
60. Then I said yes
61. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 20
62. We got married and i got pregnant on our Honeymoon
63. I quit work
64. God showed me how to be a Mom
65. I had trouble getting pregnant again
66. I thought my daughter would be the only child I would ever have
67. I chose to Homeschool her so I could spend as much time with her as
68. After a 2 years of keeping track of the dates and my cycles I finally threw
      the calendar away and stopped
69. I got pregnant the next month
70. I went to the hospital one night with severe cramping and pain
71. The doctor told me I was probably having a miscarriage
72. My Mother-in-law was there and she prayed over me
73. I didn't miscarry
74. I went into labor one night and by the time we got to the hospital, 10
      minutes away, I was ready to have her
75. The E.R. doctor had to deliver her
76. When my 2nd daughter was born she was not breathing and was blue
77. The doctor took her and they spent 3 minutes trying to get her to breath
78. She did
79. This middle daughter of mine still keeps me on my toes!
80. My 3rd pregnancy was a total surprise
81. We moved across our state when I was pregnant
82. We lived in a one room cabin for a year and a half while we built our
83. Then we lived in a tee-pee
84. Just kidding, seeing if you all are still paying attention
85. We really did live in the cabin though
86. It was fun
87. For awhile

okay here we are at pretty much present day...what can I tell you about myself....this is hard..........

88. I am still shy
89. I have lots of freckles
90. My still love my step-sister
91. Only now she does love me back
92. I love to read
93. I love to write, but it's hard
94. I have had dreams that have come true
95. Like real night time, sleeping, and you dream some thing about someone you know and then later it comes true.
96. All my childrens books I have written came to me at night
97. I love Jesus and can look back at my life and see His hand in it even when I didn't know Him
98. I love castles and hope to see some real ones someday
99. I love to clean and would even do that as a job
100. I hope God is not done with me yet, I have so many things deep down in my heart and even though they seem hidden and locked up right now, I pray that someday He will let them loose and use me.

Thanks for reading all this.
Was it boring?
Sound familiar?

Your turn. Tell me 100 things about yourself in the comments!!
No time for 100? Ok how about 1 or 2?
Or what you'd like best from my list?


Gretchen said...


Our childhoods have a somewhat familiar ring...But we were protected and delivered. Are we not miracles? It's not too late. If you ever want to go to college, you'll find a way. Not that you have to...

I've enjoyed getting to know you on your blog.

Sounds like you have the gift of prophesy. Coolio! xxxooo

Irritable Mother said...

I loved your 100 Things!
God has clearly been faithful to you, through your whole life. I love seeing the ways HE protected me - even before I knew Him.
And I love knowing that He will remain faithful. He is constant. He is my Rock. Amen?

So glad to have met you, O Mom!

Marla Taviano said...

Wowzers, girl. You have been THROUGH it. Praising God for your testimony!! Thank you for praying for me!!

Carrie B said...

Congrats on 100!

Wow, just think you've lived trough all that and came out the other side an amazing person!

Your daughter will be proud of you when she does read it.

Kellie said...

I am catching up on blog reading! I am sorry I didn't see this sooner...but Happy 100!!!

I have had dreams that came true as well. I might have to write a post about it!

Such The Spot said...

Absolutely not boring. I love to hear other people's "stories". Yours is powerful. It tugged my heart strings, but had me intermittently laughing. I hope that someday soon you'll feel ready to dig in deeper, and tell the rest. Something tells me God is far from done with you.

Teresa Henry said...

To my sister...
1. my stepsister came to live with me when I was in junior high...
2. neither of us knew Jesus
3. we searched many years
4. Jesus never gave up
5. we found Jesus
6. all of those years God kept our love waiting
7. when we found Him we found love
8. my step sister inpsires me
9. she use to bug me (just had to add that)
10. but now she is not my step sister...she is my sister.
Love you!