Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bus

My oldest daughter rides the bus to school every day.

She hates it.

I hated it too when I was in high school.

So of course I think she needs to experience it. It's like a rite of passage. It builds character. She'll appreciate her own vehicle so much more some day.

But some days I just feel so bad for her.

Like this morning when it is -2 degrees outside. Yes, you heard right. -2 degrees!

And there is ONE heater on the bus.

Now the good news is, her stop is the very first one so you'd think the chances of her getting the seat that the heater is under would be good.

Not so much lately.

There is a new family that started coming to our bus stop.
And one of the girls always takes the heat seat.

This morning, as we were sitting in the car waiting for the bus, my daughter was determined to get in line first and get the heat seat.

I tried to offer some advice;
"Just politely ask her if you can sit there today, and take turns or something."

"Mom, have you seen her? She's not exactly the sharing type!"

Honestly we don't normally judge people by their appearances.
But something in the way this girl looks, just screams don't mess with me!

So as the bus pulled up, my daughter flew out the door, and ran over to be first in line.

(I know, real Christian like behavior. But come on it's -2!)

As the bus doors opened, the brute girl stepped in front of my daughter and squeezed onto the bus first!

I couldn't believe it.

Part of me was so proud of my daughter for not getting into a knock down pushing match with this girl and totally embarrassing me getting hurt.
But part of me was sad for her.

If she's decided on her own to suffer and be Jesus to someone, then I support her.
But if she's suffering because she scared, I don't want to support that.

What should I tell her?

Pray about the heat seat? Yes, I know God cares about our needs. But I have a feeling He cares about this bully girl more.

Any advice?


Gretchen said...

I have no advice, but I'll say a prayer for your wisdom in the matter. Sounds like your daughter is doing well.

Irritable Mother said...

I don't think God cares about the other girl more than He cares about your daughter. And I don't think you really believe that, either.
But I do think He has a purpose for this circumstance. And I have confidence He'll bring His perfect plan to pass. He has a habit of doing that, you know!
Wonder if the two of them could sit together in the heat seat? Maybe this girl who screams don't mess with me really needs someone to mess with her mind by being kind to her?

Father in heaven, I know You love both these girls. And I trust You have worked out this circumstance for a very good reason. You know the needs - for warmth and friendship - that each of these girls has, and I pray you will give O Mom wisdom as she guides her daughter in what to do. Be glorified in this event, Lord!

Such The Spot said...

Wow. I commend you for not pulling in front of the bus and teaching that girl a thing or two about manners.

What is the deal with this school district not being able to fund more than one heated seat? I mean c'mon. At -2, those kids need some warmth.