Monday, December 21, 2009


There are those moments in life when you can look back and see where your life was at a crossroad. A decision made that altered your path.
Sometimes when you're in the midst of it you don't realize how important a decision can be.

This is where we've been the last few days. At a crossroad.

My daughter's crossroad.

Am I going to let the world's views of what is normal and acceptable help me determine what I tell her?
Am I going to listen to that small convicting voice that's whispering to me?
Am I going to show my daughter how you let your actions match what your words have been?

Yes, this is all about a boy.

This has been the first real chance for my daughter to put Jesus first.
And it's been hard.

I wish it was always easy to walk with Jesus, but the plain truth is that sometimes it's just plain hard.

And He knows it.

This weekend,I watched my daughter put Jesus first. And though many tears were shed, it was the most amazing thing to see.


Gretchen said...

These times are never easy, and are coming more and more often as the children get older. But the training and loving and grace--it's worth it. I am so glad for you and for your daughter. May God be praised.

Such The Spot said...

Praise the Lord. Really. That really *is* amazing. You should be proud of her.

Irritable Mother said...

So glad to hear it!
Not glad for the tears and the heartache, but for the growth and faith that came along with them.
May God continue to give you the grace you need as you raise your precious children.