Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day #1

Last night we put our #1's on 2 of our 3 Christmas countdowns/countups, the other is truly a countdown so it was set at 24 days left.

Ok. Did it take any other family forever to figure out what number we are on? It was the 1st and Christmas is on the 25th, how could it be at 24..........we had calendars out and fingers were counted. It was ridiculous. We do it every year.

And yes I homeschool and can't even do basic math. Whatever.

This year so many of you have such great ideas that you have shared in regards to Advent Calendars.

Is it calendars or calenders?

And yes I homeschool and also can't seem to spell.

Some of your ideas included having a small family activity attatched to each day; baking cookies, reading a Christmas story together, etc.

I love this and have stolen tons of your ideas. I did however come up with one of my own. kinda.

Last night's little paper said:
Sing Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is coming to town . together. Outside on the deck. Really loud.

I wish we more of a spiritual family that knew the words by heart to Silent night or something, but I knew we didn't and I thought printing out the words and handing them out and turning into a complete drill sergeant, would ruin the festive mood I was going for. So I went with some classics I knew we all knew.

At first everyone, and by everyone I mean my husband and teenager, bulked. My 5 and 9 year old were all over this!

But my cheery encouragement prevailed and out we all went. It was only 20 degrees out so we probably should have put coats on but I wasn't about to stop now.
At first the singing was quiet and everyone seemed nervous and giggly. But by chorus 2 of Jingle Bells we were belting it out!

We don't even have close neighbors so I don't know what the big deal was. I think it would have been even funner(totaly a word) if we did. I can just see people sitting in their living rooms watching t.v. and thinking they hear singing and stopping to listen for just a minute. Don't you think they would be smiling?

We sure were.
And wasn't that the point. smiles.

So, if you have sing a song together as one of your activities, why not try it outside for the whole neighborhood (or woods) to hear.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good experience. Last year I tried for a Norman Rockwell christmas tree decorating and ended up sending everyone to bed because of their bickering. This year I'm making everyone sign a contract that if they feel it coming on, they have to leave the room. Now, that's the Christmas spirit!!

New Every Morning said...

How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

o mom - is this you- other mama? I think we are good deed buddies and I was trying to link thru June's comments. I DO see it's a blog you follow so I'm quite the detective! I am thinking and thinking of some fun little things to do for my rak - do you have ideas -should we go coast to coast (I live in Massachusetts). I don't want people to think I will stalk them and sadly, I think that cashiers will pocket any money left behind to pay for others. What are your ideas?
Fondly, Deb from MA

Irritable Mother said...

You're a homeschooler and you "can't" do math or spell? LOL
I love it!
And I love you, too. *grin*