Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random life updates

My tooth:
Ok, I tend to be either a completely boring calm and rational person or I tend to totally freak out. It ends up that my tooth wasn't that bad. It doesn't even hurt. A little piece chipped of because I have a huge, old filling in it. And it's way in the back, no one will even notice, and I have a whole other side to chew on.
This is me trying to convince myself I don't need to go back and have the dentist fix it. I totally hate going to the dentist.

My Job:
Like this is even a job. This little baby is the best baby and he smells so good. Me and my 2 younger girls just sit on the couch together and hold him and stare at him and then before we know it, it's 4:00 and his Grandmother has come home and we have to give him up. And then I get a check and go buy groceries and just can't even believe it!

Oldest daughter = Track:
After a horrible first week, and  many calls from school (crying) asking if she can please quit, last night she got home, and I asked how it went. She said......... totally fun! and walked past me to her room. Ummm excuse me, yesterday you were crying, now it's fun?
Ok I totally knew this would happen, that's why I was the really mean heartless Mom who wouldn't let her quit after only one week. But I did not rub that fact in or dance around the room yelling told ya, told ya! Because I am totally mature like that.

My husband is still totally out of work, but he did recieve the emergency unemployment so we are still eating. ha! He has a meeting tomorrow to go over some career skills because the construction business is still at an all time low. I know he is really scared. Construction is all he has ever done. He keeps looking to me for all the answers and honestly I tried to be that person for him for the last 20 years. (that's how long we've known eachother, not been married) But now? Now I'm standing back and letting him figure it out and just hoping that he'll start letting God be that person for him. It's not been easy though and I have the feeling that my husband is the kind of person who needs to hit rock bottom before he looks for the way out.

Happy Thursday. Totally.

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Irritable Mother said...

But God is at rock bottom, too. Waiting.
My brother found out that God sometimes hangs out on cement floors underneath the benches of jail cells. That was his rock bottom. And that's where he was finally willing to recognize his need.

Let's pray.
Father in heaven, we cannot go anywhere to get away from You. You are in the high places, and You are at rock bottom. And we praise You!
We praise You because You are everlasting and ever-present. You are perfectly faithful and full of knowledge.
Father, I know that You know just what O Mom's husband needs. You know what it is going to take for him to come to a point of surrendering to You. To recognizing and confessing his need for a Savior. And if that place is rock bottom, then, LORD please take him there.
Even as I ask this, God, so I also ask for Your mercy. Please cover O Mom and her children with peace. Give them confidence in who You are. Show them Your power as You protect them and provide for them through this storm. Please give O Mom the grace and wisdom she needs to love and respect her husband, as she trusts You to work.
Yes, Lord, please show them Your glory!
I'm asking it all in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS.
Amen and amen!

May the peace of Christ rest upon you tonight.

Loving Jesus,