Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday I prayed about our hot water tank repair. I asked God to please make it a "free repair day" (that basically it wouldn't cost too much money.)

The repair man was scheduled to come Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning the phone rang and it was a message confirming our appointment for Thursday.

Not good.

So I prayed again.

My husband got up and I told him that the repair man was not coming today. I expected him to maybe freak out a bit, but he didn't.

He said "well maybe I should just look at it again and see if I can fix it."

He had said this the first day it stopped working, but after I couldn't find the manual and him almost getting shocked he gave up.

We went downstairs together and I moved some things I had stuffed behind it stored nicely next to it. And what did I find? The manual!

Once he had that he could easily see that the thermostat was most likely the problem, except there were 2 and he wasn't sure which one was causing the problem.

Meanwhile the phone rings and it is the repair place calling to ask if they made a mistake with our service date?
"Why yes you did, but that's okay we're going to try and fix it." I tell them, as my husband's asking me for the phone.

My husband asks them if they will answer one quick question about the tank. The lady on the phone says they're not suppose to but go ahead and she'll see if she can help.
She knew his answer right away.

After 2 minutes with the screwdriver and a quick trip to the hardware store, it is repaired. All for a whopping $13.99!

What did I learn?

What I always learn.

That God answers my prayers.
Never like I ask or think they should be answered.
He cares about us and uses us in the answered prayer.
He turns mistakes into good for His glory.

So, pray about the big things in your life, but also about the little things! Because He can be glorified in the everydayness of our lives.

And be thankful for your HOT shower!


Mrs. Claus said...

I love this post! Our God IS an awesome God, and just when you think you have it all figured out . . BAM! He surprises you all over again.

Thanks so much for allowing me to peek into your world.

Sandy said...

I LOVE to hear how God answers those practical, day in & day out prayers! This was so neat!
Thanks for leaving a message on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, God is so good! And your husband! God was saying, "Never Give UP!" You can do it because I KNOW you can:)Of course, we cannot do it well with Him:)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I LOVE happy endings. And when God is involved in the happy endings, they're EVEN BETTER! YAY!

Gretchen said...

I'm so sorry I've gotten so behind on checking in with you. God inspires and provides for us even in the midst of a water heater crisis. Thank you for sharing your WIN. xxxooo

Amy in Peru said...

yay! love to hear about the details and it is SO awesome to trust HIM with the details :)

that is SO awesome that you got it fixed! and for SO cheap! woohoo!

hot water is a big deal! we've had our share of hot water tank problems along the line :)

amy in peru