Friday, March 5, 2010

A job

Remember when I told you about my friend who's daughter was having a baby?

He turns 2 months old tomorrow.

His Mommy needs to go back to work a little bit, but she has this adorable, great smelling little bundle of joy.

The thought of putting him in daycare was just too scary. Her Mom said that she had a person in mind to maybe watch him a few hours a day a couple times a week. She asked her daughter if she could pick one person to do that who would she pick?

They both said my name!

I got the call the other day. I said yes without even having to think twice about it. I even will be paid a little bit, which I tried to say no to, but she insisted.

A job. For me.

Someone is going to pay me to sit and cuddle a baby! I can't even begin to describe the smile on my face and in my heart.

And the fact that I will be able to sit and pray over this little guy just brings me great joy.


Sandi said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats!! Nothing like a baby to improve outlook!!

Irritable Mother said...

Sounds like a great job.
Yay, you! *grin*

Carpool Queen said...

Sweet smelling babies make me happy, as does not having to get up with them in middle of the night :)

Stonefox said...

You are incredible!!! I am envious of your outlook and really just stand in awe. (My youngest 3 are all under 3 and I am ashamed to say that I struggle with seeing them as blessings.) I pray God richly manifests Himself to you through this new "job" and allows you to bless a child and a family who are dear to God.

I came over here to say thankyou for your encouraging comments on my blog. I don't frequently get to visit other blogs but I was so humbled by your comment that I wanted to say thank you. You are a blessing and I pray God pours abundant grace upon your life today.