Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahhhh Family....

Off to spend a week with my family.

For those keeping track;

That's my Dad, my Step-Mom, Step-sister Sister and her kids, Step Brother and his girlfriend wife girlfriend and his kids and her kids, and a half Uncle and his wife and their kids.

A week. 7 days.

My Sister and I are the only ones who have given our lives to Jesus.

This week in the past has been hard.
There is just so much baggage and family issues that were never dealt with and they all seem to surface somehow when we're all together. 
All my sister and I want to do is be a witness to our family of God's love, and it's hard.

So would you pray for us this week.
Pray that we keep our eyes on Jesus and that we're able to see our family only through the eyes of Jesus and not through our own hurt childish eyes.

Hoping to come back with at least one funny story testimony.........


Kellie said...

Family stuff is so hard...even more difficult when you spend long moments in "togetherness" trying to ignore the fact that we've all got issues!

Praying that you have a good time anyway! Looking forward tothat funny story!

Sandy M. said...

I am praying that you & your sister will be a good witness, but that you will not take on the responsibility for the salvation of your family. My DH & I are 1st generation believers & the hardest thing was trying so hard to get our families to "join" us, then feeling so "guilty" that we hadn't done something right when they weren't interested. Letting go of that was so freeing (because ONLY God can save someone)! My mom gave her life to Him finally in July (13 years ago) before He called her Home 2 months later! She was not sick; she died of a sudden heart attack. But what a blessing to finally see a family member come to salvation!

It is also hard to deal w/all the different "issues" in families, but I'm praying that you can enjoy it & even be able to laugh at some of the ridiculous situations in life.
BTW: thanks for the comment in my blog about being grandparents. We are very blessed to live near our grandchildren & have a good relationship w/them & their parents!

Mommas Soapbox said...

Just want you to know that prayers are going up for you all! Please let me know how it goes. (((hugs))