Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Off to have a baby!

Not me.

My best friend has 7 children.
6 of them are daughters.

Her oldest is 17, who is at the hospital right this minute getting ready to have a baby.

My best friend is going to be a Grandma.
She was not ready for that.

Her 2nd oldest daughter is my daughter's best friend.
We have been a part of this family for the past 6 years.

Between me and my friend we have 9 daughters!
To say we have spent many nights, days, phone calls.... trying to figure them out, would be a total understatement! You just can't figure that many girls out at once.

Last year this beautiful, smart, sweet, easy going girl went looking for love.
The love that I know was knitted together in her when she was in her own mother's womb. The love and desire to be a wife and a mother.

She just forgot one important thing.

To fall in love with Jesus first.

So her ideas of love got fuzzy. Her desire to have what God put in her overroad her desire to wait out the plan God had.

It happens every. single. day.

I believe we are all born with these desires, gifts, ideas...inside of us. Each of ours so different and yet some the same. But waiting for God to work them out in our lives can be hard.

If you have an extra moment today, I know a scared, yet excited 17 year old girl who could use your prayers. I'm sure there's alot of them out there.
And while your at it say a prayer for yourself. For that desire that only God could have put in you, that you'll wait it out for His plan.

ok, I'm off to the hospital!


Such The Spot said...

I was that girl. Only I was 16, not 17. And I was convinced I had all the answers, that everything would work out just fine.

And it has, worked out okay I mean. But had I done it His way my road (and that of my kids) would have been far less rocky.

He gives us a roadmap, not for His sake, but for ours. To spare us from pain, hardship and heartache. Now, if only we would follow...

This young mom and her baby will be in my prayers tonight. I have a special place in my heart for teen moms...

Marla Taviano said...

I have a special place in my heart for teen moms too. My hubby wouldn't be here today if his mama had listened to those who told her to have an abortion.

This is a beautiful post, friend. Praying for that sweet girl and her baby right now!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, my friend, is God ever speaking through your words today.
Yes, I have a desire in my heart and I believe God put it there. I will wait for His plan. It's always best!

And I have a spare minute, too. Let's pray.
Father in heaven, I thank You that You know this scared and excited 17 year old girl. And You know the little baby to whom she is giving birth today. In fact, You've been knitting that child together perfectly for months now!
I am asking You in this moment to reveal Yourself to this young mother. God, would You show her the wonder of who You are when she looks into her baby's eyes?
When she holds that child and expresses her undying love, will You whisper the same to her?
Father, You know the challenges this young woman is going to face, and I know You are big enough to carry her through them. So I am asking You today to draw her near to Yourself, to reveal Your presence to her, and to show her that she can trust You. With everything.
Thank You, God, for Your amazing, unending love.
I come to you in the Name of JESUS, thankful for His blood which covers me.
Amen and amen!

Gretchen said...

Just prayed on my own and with The Irritable Mother, who said it better than I could, anyway. Such lovely wisdom, my friend.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Very well said. God does put those desires in us and it can be very hard to wait for Him and His perfect timing. While I chose to wait, I remember fighting that desire when I was 16.

I will be praying for that mommy and baby boy (and grandma too).