Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Boy!

A baby boy was born yesterday.

I'm sure alot of babies were born yesterday. I'm sure alot were not.

I spent some time yesterday in the hospital's chapel. It was beautiful and I had it all to myself.

I prayed for this new baby and this new mommy.
I prayed for some women whom I have never laid eyes on, yet I knew who were praying. I asked for blessings to be sent right back to you.
I prayed for some of the women I got to know this year through blogs, that aren't holding their sweet baby in their arms.
I cried so many tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. The why can't I do more tears.

A baby boy was born yesterday.

He is healthy and safe today.



Such The Spot said...

Praise God for a healthy baby boy! I hope that many, many years from now his mom will look back and regard this as a turning point in her life. One that led her closer to God (not to mention blessed her socks off!).

Gretchen said...

You know, way back about 27 years ago when my sister was born, my mom and grandma went to Target and bought gifts of diapers and clothing and took me to the hospital to see her. I couldn't really understand this because she was my 1/2 sister--my dad and mom had divorced many years before, and it wasn't a pretty divorce situation. we loaded up the car and headed to the hospital, both of them simply said, "Every baby deserves a welcome, Gretchen."

There's wisdom there, I think.

God bless this little one and all the folks who love him.

Irritable Mother said...

I LOVE Gretchen's story. So true!

But those "why can't I do more" tears? Oh, those, I could do without. I don't like crying those tears. Except that they drive me right to Jesus and find me pleading with Him on someone's behalf.

So glad to hear the news of this baby boy. So glad to know God is already orchestrating his days.

Have a great weekend!