Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday night nerves

It's Friday night again.

I don't remember when Friday nights started making me so nervous. I used to love them. The idea of being able to stay up late, no rushed bedtime rituals, knowing I'd be able to sleep in the next morning, and then make pancakes and bacon for breakfast............

But I have a teenage daughter, remember.

And she LOVES Friday nights.

A couple months ago, she somehow talked me into letting her be the Basketball Manager. When she first asked, I was like Yeah right! I know exactly why you want to "manage" the BOYS basketball team!

and yes I used air quotes as I said it to her.

I have her all figured out.

But then she said, "Not the boys team, the girls team!"

And I was like oh, ok, maybe that's harmless. She really does just want to MANAGE the team.

Well it has been harmless. Pretty much. Except she did leave out the fact that the boys' and girls' teams do all ride together on the buses to the away games and the boys play right after the girls on the Friday night games.
 So my visions of her being crammed together with a bunch of sweaty boys has still happened, somewhat.

So back to Friday nights. There is always a game, and being a manager she is required to be there. She is in charge of the filming, which she has loved and taken very seriously, so I am so proud of her being so responsible.

I like the word so.

Last Friday was a home game and she had the usual plans to be there and manage her girls. She had asked to stay for the boys game after, and somehow we compromised and I said I would pick her up at halftime.

I came into town.......

remember we live a half hour out of town, so planning is key for me.

I came into town early so me and the girls could visit with our friends and the new baby. They happen to live like 3 blocks from the high school. Right as I was getting ready to leave to go get her from the game, the phone rang. Yes it was her.
"Ohhh PLEASE can I stay for the rest of the game. It's tied and I want to watch them win..............."
I am a whimp so I said yes. Plus I was holding the baby!

Finally it was time to get her. My friend came with me for the short drive because........well she has 7 CHILDREN!    nuff said.

As we pull up to the school, I see my daughter coming out of the doors. She is not alone. There is a tall, hat wearing boy walking with her.

I'm not prejudice of hats, it just seems important here.

They walk up to car and my sweet precious daughter asks my friend to roll down the window.

"Oh hi Mrs.....     he knows my friend
we have a question to ask you."

My daughter asks if she can stay for the dance. I have no idea why she thought bringing a boy to ask with her was a good idea.

Here's the funny part. My friend who is so funny, tells them just a sec....and rolls up the window so we can discuss this!
My daughter looks horrified and we are in the car laughing so hard.

We (I think all major decisions should be made with your friend) decide she can stay for half the dance and my friend will pick her up for me and she can stay the night there. But first we (ok she) gave a huge speech to this tall, hat wearing boy that if he was not nice and respectful and if she was one second late he was going to turn into a pumpkin.

So that was last Friday.

As of this minute we have the same plans that we had last Friday at this time.
So, instead of dreaming about sleeping in tomorrow and bacon, I'm getting ready for the Friday night nerves.........

I have a teenage daughter, remember.

So, How are you planning to spend your Friday night?
Big plans, small plans?
Did I make you want bacon?


Anonymous said...

Oops. I'll try again.

I can relate to your post. I too have a teenage daughter and worry about Friday and Saturday nights. I can relax a bit now though since she changed club softball teams and the new one practices on Friday nights. Whew!

Mommas Soapbox said...

I ALWAYS want bacon and I have teenage boys. One wears a hat (in case you were wonderin') and one doesn't. One graduated high school a couple years ago (in a few months he will no longer be a teenager, which makes me feel OLD) and the other is going to be home tonight. He has to leave here at 4am tomorrow for a wrestling tournament.....

I have two daughters who are coming up the line......I'm already getting worried about those hat wearin' boys....I know how they are.... I married one and raised two...

Have a glass of wine (cheers)

Gretchen said...

Be still my heart.

Thank God for friends and laughter.

And thank God for bacon.

I can only imagine that I'll need to be purchasing stock in Oscar Meyer in a few short years. Because if she gets asked out, I'll need to calm my nerves, and if she doesn't, I'll need to soothe hers. Either way...bacon is required.