Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Half over

My daughter is a Sophomore in high school.

Her Sophomore year is half over already.

How did that happen?

I am trying not to look too far ahead..............

Her taking her driving test this March
Her wanting to drive herself everywhere, without me
Her being a Junior
Her being a Senior
Her going off, far far away to college
Her not going to College and just living off us forever

I don't really want to think about all that.
I just want to enjoy each and every single moment I have with her.

Like when she was a new born baby and I just wanted her to sleep on my chest all day and all night.
Everyone kept telling me to put her down and let her sleep in her bed.
But I knew it would go so fast and I wanted to take advantage of
each and every single moment I had with her. 

My middle daughter is 9.

Her time before she turns into an adult is half over.

How did that happen?

I am trying not to look too far ahead...................

I just want to enjoy each and every single moment I have with her.

My youngest daughter is 6.

She 's half way to driving me crazy.

Yet. I still want to enjoy each and every single moment I have with her.


Irritable Mother said...

OK. This is something with which I have struggled, and in which I am now finding peace.
I somehow had the notion that once my children became adults, I would be "finished." That when they hit a certain age, they would stop needing me, I would get a "pass" or "fail" mark as a Mom, and that would be the end of the story.
Partly because I feel like my own mom is finished being my mom. That's the struggle part. I still want a mom.
But therein is where I also discovered peace.

I still want a mom!

And when my children are grown, I don't need to stop being their mother. Yes. The relationship is going to change. That is good and right and necessary. But I can still pray for them. I can still give them help when they need and want it. I can still love them through their trials.
None of that needs to stop!

So, maybe things are half over when it comes to everything being as it is right now. But that doesn't mean your role as mom, or your girls' love and need for you is half over.
That will last a lifetime!

Such The Spot said...

:) The half way of your youngest daughter made me smile!

Christy said...

My youngest daughter is also half way to driving me crazy (what is it about the third), but she's also (almost) half way to 20. My youngest is going to be 10 in a couple of months!! I'm freaking out. But more so about my oldest who is a freshman and is class of '13. Do you know how fast that's coming? Of course you do. I have this freakout every time I think of time passing so quickly. Why can't it slow down just a little bit?

Gretchen said...

Stop this right now, or I have the right to start my ugly cry.


I know.