Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My daughter is regretting going to High School.

For one reason and one reason only.


I don't even remember having biology in High School. We had like life and earth science or something........
But then I also took a type writing class. Yes, with a type writer! Not a computer. A type writer.

In the last month she has had to dissect:

A worm
A clam
A squid

I can't even go on. This is just disgusting.

Shouldn't she be learning how to:

Save money
Pay a mortgage
Feed a family with healthy food
File taxes
Compare insurances
Manage time between work and family
Compromise with husband
Serve God

ohhh wait this is what I'm still learning.


Irritable Mother said...

Personal Typing, first hour, senior year.
I did it with a real type-writer, too. *grin*
And when I was a sophomore, I dissected a fetal pig in Biology I. The kids in Biology II dissected cats. I didn't take that class!!!

Yep, and as an adult I am still learning the life skills you mentioned.
Is this what they mean by "continuing education"? LOL!

Gretchen said...

I believe I'm learning those skills, too. Ooops. Perhaps the master's degree was somewhat wasted. :)

I happen to have lurved biology and anatomy/physiology. Remember the dissections fondly. Even ate lunch throughout. 'Course I used my clean hand. Blessings to your daughter. This too shall pass.