Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm joining Gretchen today.

Things that make me glad today. Because life is a choice really and today I choose to see gladiness.

Gretchen talks with alot of "i" at the end of her words and it just makes you feel so much glad i er! 

1. The Bachelor
Yes the show. My oldest daughter and I watch it together (my husband tries for about 2 minutes and then can not keep quiet so we have to kick politely ask him to leave) and it makes for great conversationies about the whole dating thing. And last night made us both about cry when Corey told him that she was saving her self for marriage.......we were just really proud of her. Of course she got kicked politely asked to leave after that, but it made for great conversationies with my daughter.

2. February
I love the color pink and knowing that every single store I go to this whole month will be covered in pink, just makes me happy. I don't even mind if I can't buy anything. There is just something gladdi about the color pink.

3. Tuesdays
My 2 younger daughters have Ballet on Tuesdays. I love that they both love it and they are so cute in their PINK little outfits. But the best part really is that I get an hour and a half of visiting with a dear friend while the girls dance all their energy out. Dancie their energy outie.

4. Weather patterns
My husband had to sell his dozer (big tractory machine thingy) this last fall. It was our snow plow, we have about 1/4 mile long driveway (I actually have no idea how long it is that just seems about right) When he sold it we had no idea how we would plow our driveway this winter. Turns out we have gotten almost NO snow, which is unheard of for Eastern Washington, and have not even needed a plow. I think all the snow went to North Carolina this year.

5. The Library
Ballet is right next to the Library so the girls always get to pick out a movie and a couple of books and I get to print out up to 10 things for free. I just love the Library, they even decorate. A Library covered in pink, now that just makes me smile!

Hope you have a GladiTuesday!

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Gretchen said...

Your gladdies make me glad, too. Especially the conversationies. We had a similar one in the car. About...well...sex. Poor kids were saying "eeeewwww!" and "can we stop now???" So...we did.

Pink is my signature coluh. :)