Saturday, February 13, 2010

How I love His Word

He never disappoints.
I on the other hand tend to dissappoint myself far too often. But He knows this about me, He's talked to me about it before. He also knows that when I do something particularly hard, for Him, well...He never disappoints.

That's how it's been getting into this reading the Bible in a year thing. I've done this before, with my church, on my own....
But I knew I needed to do it again this year.
I've been going through some things that I know will only get resolved if I keep my mind filled with Him and His ways.

This week I needed to catch up and stay with it. So, I did a lot of reading.

He decided I was ready for some meat.

Don't you love how alive the Bible is sometimes, when scripture you have read over and over again becomes new and He teaches you something amazing from something you've already read?

At first the specific verses He had for me this week were hard to understand. I couldn't get why I needed to hear, know, feel them. But as they wouldn't leave me and I had to go in search of what it was He was trying to tell me, my eyes were opened in new way.


Sometimes meat can be hard to chew and sometimes I want the easy digestion of my all familiar milk.

But I've been asking for some tough questions lately and He must think I'm ready to handle some tough answers.

He never disappoints.

I would share the scripture, but it is so painfully personal that I don't feel I'd do it justice trying to explain.

Is that weird?

I will tell you though to keep asking. Keep reading. Keep not being satisfied with the all familiar milk.
And if you disappoint yourself like I do. Know that He knows that, and wants you to know that it is He that never disappoints.

He/Him/His= Jesus
Just to be clear.


Irritable Mother said...

I am presently on my second journey through the Bible. And LOVE it!
Good for you for keeping at it, O Mom.
And I fully agree with you - HE never disappoints. Sometimes I'm sure He is disappointed with me, but His gracious patience and forgiveness are steady. So, so very thankful am I!

New Every Morning said...

I needed this today.
Thank you, friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind. So behind. But this encouraged me. I just need to jump in and hang on. I know He has something I need to hear this very day.

(He=Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit ;) Your equation made me smile.)

Sandy M. said...

I have been "neglectful" lately about the deep time in His Word, & now that I'm back into it again it is so refreshing & encouraging. I'm not doing the 1 Year Bible this time, but the places He directs me to are just where I need to be. Amazing how we can read the same verse year after year, but see something new or pertinent to that point in our lives!

Gretchen said...

Wonderfully articulated. We don't need to know the explanation of your scriptures. That they spoke to you and breathed life into you is enough of an encouragement. Blessings, friend.