Friday, February 5, 2010


It's really all about the food.

Although, I do like to watch football. I even yell at the tv sometimes.
I think I like it even more than my husband, who usually falls asleep.

Football reminds me of my Dad.

He yelled at the tv watched alot of football when I was little. I remember sitting with him and asking question after question about what was going on, what the rules were, who did we want to win.

This is one of those times he would ask, "What are you, writing a book?"

But he always answered every question.

Sometimes I like to call him after the Superbowl and say hi and see what he thought about the game.
I remember when the Seattle Seahawks played in the Superbowl a few years ago and we lost. All because of some really bad calls from the refs.....

After the game, I called my Dad.

We talked about that game, the players, and those awful calls from the refs....

It made me miss him.

It also made me so thankful for him too. He alone gave me the love of watching a football game. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a memory. A good memory.

Actually now that I think about it, it might have been my sister who was obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys in the 80's, who gave me the love of watching the Cowboys Football!

Back to the food.......

I'm no Ree. Have you seen what she's making? I want to be adopted.

But we will have chips and dip, that much I know.
My husband wants some kind of cheese dip made with Velveeta.

Velveeta grosses me out. What is it? Is it even cheese? We'll have to see about that one. I even have a coupon, but still...

And did I try and say the other day that we don't eat Junk food around here?

Enjoy the day. Whether you're a football watching, velveeta eating fan or not just enjoy the day and make memories whatever you do. You never know how important those things will be to someone else down the road.

Go Cowboys!

Are they even in the Superbowl this year?

ha ha! I said I liked to watch football not that I knew what was going on...........


Gretchen said...

I'll never forget when the Broncos had several Super Bowl attempts in the 80s. We had "orange"ish dogs, and I remember brushing cobalt blue mascara in their fur so they'd have team spirit. I am still a Bronco fan to this day. Unless they're playing the 'Hawks.

Enjoy your "non"junkfood fiesta. And honestly, nobody knows what Velveeta is, but I promise you, 1 can of Rotel and 1 brick of Velveeta melted all together and put in proximity to corn chips on a plate will make you sing.

Irritable Mother said...

LOL! Nope. No Cowboys this year. I feel so smart to know that! LOL!!!!!
Yeah, I could care less about the game. I'm trying to eat well, so food needs to take a back seat for me.
What I really enjoy are the commercials - and hanging out with friends. *grin*

Carpool Queen said...

We'll have food that doesn't match this year. Guacamole, because, hello, can't have a Super Bowl without it, chili, wings, and I'm thinking about making etoufee to go with my king cake.

I'm sure on Monday I'll be blogging about the wonders of Pepcid.