Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's healthy to live vicariously through your children...... right?

Friday we went up to the highschool to watch the basketball games.

My oldest is the basketball manager so she was busy filming the game. She has to go way up to the top of the stands and sit in a booth with the game announcer and the guy on the radio.
She was so cute up there looking all official and I kept taking pictures of her from across the gym.

Until she finally looked at me and mouthed "knock it off!"

Later I kept talking to her about her filming career. I told her she needed to get into the photography classes that the school offered and then I told her that the paper was having a contest for best local video or photograph and that she should enter.

I guess I was going on and on (her words) about it, because she finally looked at me and said that maybe I was the one who wanted to do all this.

hmmm. Interesting.


Screaming Meme said...

I think it is healthy...;) I love the idea of your blog...Very cool...:)

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Such The Spot said...

Uh-oh. I guess *somebody* should look into a photography class of her own! ;)

Tanya (In the Dailies) said...

lol. I love it. I'm sure my kids will be giving me the "cut it out!!" look soon enough. For now, I'm thrilled that they let me mold their interests. :)

Irritable Mother said...

Sometimes they see things we don't...
I have wanted and wanted my daughter to get involved in plays and musicals at school. Cuz I was in them, and I KNOW they are so much fun. But it wasn't until her two best friends were in a show and talked about how much fun it was that my daughter decided to give it a try.
And now? I think she's hooked! *grin*

Gretchen said...

So funny. And sadly...so relatable. :)