Wednesday, February 10, 2010

going random

Joining Mer again this month.
(Hope it's ok to use her nickname)

#1 One of the reasons I love 10 on the 10th is because of the challenge. It's like my version of playing Suduko, which they say keeps your mind sharp. But I don't really like Suduko. at all. I don't like numbers. I like letters. To me numbers and letters are complete opposites. I almost like letters as much as Marla.
obviously coming up with this 10 isn't much of a challenge since I'm going random.

#2 Speaking of Marla I have always wanted to make her a necklace from an M scrabble game piece. But I have no idea how or will probably never get around to doing it. Does anyone want to make her one and send it to her? If you do, could you just in tiny print sign it from O Mom too. Do you think she already has one?

#3 Speaking of Scrabble. You know how sometimes they come out with stuff for a limited time in the color pink? I would love the scrabble game in pink. Can ya just see the light and dark pink board and the tiles all in pink....I would play everyday. every day? June ?

#4 Do you think it was a little rude of the grocery clerk to look at me weird after she saw my tiny heart box of chocolate I was buying and asked me who it was for and I said myself?

#5 Speaking of the tiny heart box of chocolate, I know it was only .88 cents, but it totally could have fit more than 3 pieces in there. My body was having a freak out moment and it was craving chocolate. It happens every so often once a month.

#6 My oldest daughter called me from school this morning with a bad headache. She said the school nurse would not give her any advil, so I called to give my ok. They said there was a new policy that they were not allowed to give any medication to students even with a parents' permission.

#7 Is this random enough for you? Random is kinda fun.

#8 I am a little confused as to why Ellen is on American Idol. Does she suddenly produce records or something?

#9 And speaking of Idol, has Kara grown on anyone a little more since last year? At first we were so annoyed by her being there. This year she seems a little funner.
And funner is totally a word.

#10 This is my favorite song right now.

I don't think they're talking about bad tacos!


Melissa said...

When I was reading #2 I was thinking how nice it would be if there was a pink scrabble board...then I read #3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has weird, random thoughts!

#4--Yes--rude. Just do your job and don't judge me for buying 2 cakes and cookies...what you've never had PMS?

Marla Taviano said...

Thanks, O! I don't have a Scrabble necklace with an M on it. :) I do have one with a T for Taviano though. Someone gave it to me and thought my girlies could wear it too.

Mary Ann said...

I really like Kara too. I've had the same thoughts about Ellen. What!?!

I have really no plans of playing Scrabble but I love setting up words around the house.:-)

Thanks for visiting my blog. My mom loves brussel sprouts too. She would always tell me that they tasted like candy. Something is wrong with that woman. ;-)

Angie said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I actually found the flips flops at a really nice drug store in South Africa! :-) We live in Mozambique and go over to South Africa to shop. You can buy them in America I think. I saw some in one of those catalogs they have on airplanes. The brand is Orthaheel.

Anonymous said...

I stopped over from June's place. I once homeschooled my boys until they decided they needed to get away from me and go to public school. One is away at college and the other is in high school.


Mommas Soapbox said...

You crack me up! And I was wondering the same thing about Ellen on American Idol & Kara has grown on me.

You are soooooooo correct FUNNER is sooooo such a word!

Sandi said...

I started following after your comment about step-moms. Very sweet!

. . .what people can't buy chocolate to eat? Ha ha ha !

I love the randomness! So eases my anxiety. Is that wierd?

Thanks again!
Have faith to persevere! James 1:2-3

Such The Spot said...

Ten on the 10th is so much funner when it's random. And yes. Funner is a word. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Yes, you can call me Mer.

And yes, funner is a word.

I love random. But you read my blog so you know that.

Our school won't give meds either. Stupid, if you ask me.

I look for used Scrabble games every time I stop in the thrift/Goodwill store. Haven't found one yet, but if I ever do I have a list of things I want to make with the tiles. Pink ones would be SUPER fun!

Irritable Mother said...

I love your randomness!
And I love Suduko.
AND I love letters/word games.
But you said numbers and letters are complete opposites. Does that make me scyzophrenic? (Have NO idea how to spell that word. Even tho' I love letters and word games. Weird, huh?)

Hmmm. Is your randomness contagious? Cuz I'm feeling a little of it coming on. LOL!

BTW, looking forward to your question for my interview with Amanda! *grin*

Carpool Queen said...

Love Scrabble, but I have to really put on patience when I play with the kids because they bump the board and the tiles go everywhere and it makes me want to take Advil.

Or something stronger.

Anonymous said...

I love randomness. :)

Sami said...

I'm in love with the idea of pink Scrabble! What about pink and chocolate brown? Lovely!

Amy in Peru said...

I'm so with you on the pink scrabble... I think there are enough people on here in agreement to sign a petition. ;)

I'm glad I came over.

I'm usually pretty random, like too random to be seen totally as myself in that way on my blog... if I wrote everything as I thought it, only us REALLY random girls would have any idea of what I was rambling about ;)

Thanks for coming by my blog! You're welcome back any old time! :)


Mollie said...

#4...THE NERVE!!! #8...hmmm I am puzzled like you?? Maybe a ratings thing?? HA!!
Great Randomness!!

Gretchen said...

My dtr split her eyebrow open about a month ago, and we thought she might need stitches. They make all the teachers and staff take first aid and CPR. Do you think anyone could've washed out her eyebrow? No. Papertowel with water.


Lurved your random. I like Ellen on far. My dtr actually misses Paula. Whassup with that? ;)

Anonymous said...

We could easily converse because I'm fluent in random. It's my native tongue, in fact.

My mom found an old Scrabble board at Goodwill and bought it for me. A friend of mine hot glued words on the board that pertained to her family, like their names, favorite team, etc. and it's hanging on her wall. Too cute. I hope I have enough tiles to make good words. I should save out an M and make Marla a necklace...from you....O Mom.