Monday, February 22, 2010

The FUN plan

My oldest daughter has a friend who goes to a private school in California.

She is like some sort of genius or something.
She has been in public school and home schooled. When she took the WASL test and the SAT tests her scores were so high that people/schools/scholarship programs started calling. She received a full 4 year scholarship to this private school on the shores of Malibu or something.

We have no idea why she is friends with us.

Well actually I do.

My daughter is fun.

And even really smart, educated, know things I can't even fathom people need to have fun.

So, she was home this weekend and my daughter and 2 other girls were so excited to see her and have some fun with her.

Here is the problem.
We live in a very small, nothing to do, everything closes at 8 town.

So the girls came up with a brilliant plan.

The big town.

60 miles south is a large town with movie theaters, restaurants that actually stay open in the dark, and the MALL.....

So the 4 girls gather all us parents together and lay out their plan of action.
1 of the girls is 18, has a licence, a good driving record, very trustworthy, acts like an adult, respected in the community......

 this was part of their pitch. 

They wanted to be allowed to drive to this big town, get ice cream, go to the mall, and see a movie. A real movie that just came out, not one that's 2 months old and finally came to our town's 1 screen movie theater.

So, we let them.

The plan was for the girls to get home by 11 pm and all stay the night together.

I felt fine really.

Until I fell asleep in my chair because I was trying to stay awake so that at 11pm  I could call her and make sure they had made it home ok. And now it was 2 am and I had no idea if they were home, and maybe the other Mom also fell asleep in her chair and had no idea they were not home, and they were attacked in the dark parking lot after the movie, or slid  off the road from all the ice that had magically appeared............

It was rough.
I wasn't sure if I should try and call and wake the whole house up and look like a crazy Mom.

So I just slipped to my knees and prayed.

Not for my daughter, but for myself.

That I would trust the plans He has for her, and realize deep down in the very pit of my soul how much more He loves her than I ever could begin to imagine.

And it worked. I went to bed feeling full of peace and not like a crazy Mom on the verge of waking up the whole town.

Although I did call bright and early the next morning.

But instead of my daughter being extremely cranky for being woken up so early, she was so happy and thankful for being allowed to do something so fun last night.
She said her friends had the most amazing time and that the really smart, brilliant, genius friend had peed her pants on the way home because they were laughing so hard and were too scared to stop anywhere and get out of the car and use the bathroom.

I'd say my daughter's plan worked perfectly.


Gretchen said...

I'd be wrapped around the axle for sure (as my friend CPQ would say). Yet...letting go and letting God...that's truly what we have to do. They aren't our kids. I still stumble over that. Glad she had such a wonderful time. And glad that you were obedient to your faith.

Sandi said...

I'm right there with you. Our recent trip to Florida to visit my two oldest daughters after the death of their father, meant the two youngest kids would be "home alone" due to school. Granted they are 19 and 17, but still alone is alone.

Our daughter had some friends stay overnight while we were gone, which is normally a "no go", but being responsible and wanting to trust her we said okay.

These friends were "new", you know the "don't know your family" kind of friends, and you sometimes just have to remember you did raise YOUR kids, you just didn't raise everyone's.

It was good to hear that she expected her friends to be more mature and when they disappointed her, she decided they weren't such good friends.

Loved this story!!

Such The Spot said...

This made me tear up. I can't imagine what I'm going to do when my oldest leaves the house. I imagine I'll be having a lot of those same conversations, on bended knee.

Mommas Soapbox said...

It is so hard. Glad you were able to pray and have peace and go to sleep. It's so hard to let go. Sounds like a responsible group of girls...... You did good Momma!

Irritable Mother said...

OK. I'm sitting here reading, thinking back to the things my friends and I did, and nodding. Yep. It's good to let your daughter go out and do things on her own with friends. To have fun and all that.
But then I thought about letting my own daughter travel 60 miles away and, all of a sudden it's a much scarier thought!

So thankful God is big enough to handle it!