Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 10th?

How is it possibly the 10th of April already?

10 things I wonder about.

1. What do the letters W I F I stand for in Free Wi Fi?

2. Why did the loaf of bread I always buy get smaller and the price go up?

3. Why is Diesel fuel more expensive than regular fuel, when it used to      always  be cheaper?

4. Why do you have to dissect a frog in order to graduate from high school?

5. Why was I not paying better attention when we  I named our youngest daughter?  Her initials are I.R.S.

6. Why am I rooting for the villians on Survivor?

7. How come I don't like texting?

8. How come I thought plucking out the gray hairs on top of my head was a good idea? Because now instead of a few long gray hairs neatly hidden amongst my other hairs I have these tiny, curly, standing straight up, gray hairs on top of my head.

9. If I use sunless tanner and age spot remover cream on my face at the same time what do you think will happen?

10. Ok, your turn. What makes you go hmmm...............

Please feel free to answer any of these for me!


Mrs. Claus said...

LOL! #9 - now THAT'S Funny!

I wonder if you fill a pool with dry ice and let it melt can you swim without getting wet?

LOL!! Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

I looked it up because I wanted to know too, and apparently, although some people think it stands for "wireless fidelity," Wi-Fi doesn't stand for anything. Here's the article:

Who do you want to win on Survivor? I'm having a hard time rooting for anyone. I liked Stephenie, Tom, and even Boston Rob. I guess of them all I like Candace? Maybe even, and I can't believe I would say this, but Jerri. Maybe they'll let Jeff win this season. I'd prefer that.

If you try #9, please be sure and give us a full report.

Amy in Peru said...

I'm not sure you did worse than my parents when the named my brother, his initials are PMS... hahahah

my hairdresser friend says NEVER to pluck grey hairs! shame on you... I guess you learned your lesson! I'm just waiting for all my hairs to come in silver or at least a majority so that I can go all grey. I think silver is a pretty color! :)

it was fun to read your wonderings :)

amy in peru

Teresa Henry said...

1. I wonder why my knee cramps up when I sit too long...oh yeah...I'm 43.
2. I wonder why I get so many books at the library at one time thinking I am actually going to find the time to read them in 2 weeks.
3. I wonder why I don't enjoy driving?
4. I wonder how I always need to go to the grocery store...I just went yesterday.
5. I wonder why I let the lady at the nail salon (it was a gift from a friend) put glittery silver polish on the tips of my nails? What was I thinking?
6. Why does our grass grow so fast...I just mowed yesterday and it is time to mow again already.
7. I wonder why my kids don't listen when I tell them not to grow any taller or get any older?
8. I wonder why I live so far from my sister?
9. I wonder if I am doing what God wants me to do?
10. I wonder I own more VHS then DVD's?

I am not very creative right now! I bet I will think of something clever as soon as I log off!

Melissa said...

#9 cracks me up. I'm not sure, but would you please let us know if you try it.

I wonder if a person has two different colored eyes, which color do they put on their driver's license.

Gretchen said...

I wanted James and Colby, but not sure. Part of me wants Russell b/c he's so darn sure he's gonna get it, and he had tears in his eyes at the reunion show b/c Jeff wouldn't give him the title of best player ever. Too funny.

I used to hate texting. And now...I'm a convert. It's how I get a hold of my baby sitters and other such young folk.

Why is driving like a sedative for me?

Gretchen said...

Great ideas, btw. And I am using sunless tanner and skin brightening cream, so I imagine I might just turn light tan(?). Perhaps I should've saved my money on each.

Carpool Queen said...

It's not the gray hairs on my head that bother's the ones on my CHIN.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Why do my scissors and tape disappear?

Why does my dog poop in my house?

Why did the mouse die in my window well?


But your questions made me laugh! And just for the record, I have NEVER dissected a frog. Or any creature for that matter. I suppose if you grew up in AR you might have escaped that fate as well.

Such The Spot said...

I was rooting for the villains too, until they voted off Boston Rob. Now I hope Russell goes down - big time. I think JT is about the pull the all-time most STUPID move of the entire show history though. Ugh.

Kecia said...

Why can I get anywhere in my small town in 10 minutes or less EXCEPT my daughter's school when it's time to pick her up?
And isn't everyone rooting for the villains? But I agree w/above, it's not the same without Rob.