Monday, April 12, 2010

The last quarter

This is the first day of the last quarter of my daughter's Sophomore year.
This made me cry this morning.

I can be a little overly dramatic sometimes.

But sometimes I can't help but think about things from a....this will never be happening again....standpoint.

This day will never happen again.

It's an ordinary day really, but filled with so much meaning.
I want to be a part of every moment of her life.
The extraordinaire and the ordinary.

I want to teach her to take the time and be thankful for moments of the everyday and make them into something special.

As I tried to hide my tears from her, because I knew how ridiculous they were, she hugged me and said "It'll be okay Mom. We'll get through this."

I know she was mocking me, but she sure has some wisdom.

What everyday event can you turn into something special today?


Mrs. Claus said...

You are such a sweet Mom, I wish I was more like you . . . I am so anxious for my last chick to graduate high school next year . . . totally opposite side of the scales.

Thanks for sharing, you inspire me!

Such The Spot said...

Dramatic? Maybe. But right on the money. I feel for ya sistah.

Mrs. Claus said...

Hey, sweetie! I gave you an award on my blog, check it out.

Gretchen said...

I felt very similarly when my son's principal told me that it was time to think about his schedule for high school. Definitely a catch in my throat. And so hard to believe that my "baby" is nearly my size, and in her first year of middle school already. Where are those little, pudgy hands & those school parties with cupcakes?

But your daughter is right. We'll make it.