Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I hate Bad Mom days

Yesterday we went to Ballet, which my two younger girls do, and I forgot my middle girl's inhaler. She was diagnosed with sports induced asthma last summer.

Which just makes me so upset becasue she is my athlete.

I also forgot her ace bandage that the doctor told me to wrap her foot with during ballet, she hurt her foot awhile back and it's just not healing right.

So half way through ballet she came looking for me, I was over at the library(It's right next door to the dance studio) sitting reading a People magazine. She came running/hopping in, loudly banging the library door as she yelled for me. I think every person (other Moms) in there heard her say,

"Mom do you have my inhaler... I can't breath!"
(Don't worry, she can breath, she doesn't have asthma that bad but she was weezing a bit)
"And my foot hurts do you have my wrap? "

Ummmm No. And No.

" Well that's just great." As she marched/limped back to ballet.

Yep, just another one of those bad Mom days.


Irritable Mother said...

Yeah, then there are days like last Saturday when I didn't check the weather forecast and just took my son to his soccer game.
It had been nice and WARM the previous days. Didn't realize we were going to be standing in bone-chilling wind. Didn't make my son bring warm clothing OR a hat.
Didn't feel like a good mom seeing him freezing out there. (I was only consoled by the fact that I was suffering, too. LOL!)
Bad mom days.
Makes a bad hair day seem not-so-bad. *grin*

Thankful for new mercies every morning.

Mrs. Claus said...

. . . this makes me smile only because of this . . .

I really AM a bad mother.

Teresa Henry said...

Bad mom days...I could list 100 of mine...which would fill up the rest of my 10 facts about myself in my blog this week!

You are not a bad mom...but you are human...and you have a God that takes care of the details...and when we forget inhalers and ace bandages, He makes everything okay.

Love you...