Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I met my house

I am joining
 today in what seems like a fun party!
How I met my house.
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We have lived here for 6 plus years. I was pregnant with our youngest daughter when we moved.
I do not recommend moving while you are pregnant if you can avoid it.

We lived on the other side of Washington State our whole lives and never thought about moving anywhere else until my husband started taking hunting trips to the Eastern side of the state.
He would come home and talk about how neat it was over there and how cheap the property was, compared to the prices of property where we lived.

So we started praying.

There were some problems with the property we had at the time and the county was going to charge us tons of money to fix it, and we realized all the money would be gone that we were planning on using to build our home.
During this time we got a letter in the mail from a realtor asking us if we would be willing to sell our place, as she had clients who wanted it.

That was crazy weird.

So we went over to look at property, well I went once because I was pregnant and tromping around land was not that fun.
On one trip over to see property, my husband met the realtor at his house and they set off to drive around all day to look at pieces of land that we had requested. On the way the realtor asked if he would mind stopping at another peice of property he had for sale as he was supposed to meet some other clients there to sign papers, as they were buying it.
When they got there, my husband really liked the property, but it was already sold.
2 weeks later, and back home, my husband was on the phone with the realtor and they started talking about that property. Turns out the other couple had to back out for some reason, and the property was for sale again.
My husband made an offer right then and there and then came to tell me about it.
I was a little freaked out, but I knew that God had planned the whole thing, so I just smiled and said....what do we do next?

There's a whole crazy story filling in the following year, living with my in-laws, having our 3rd daughter, moving across the state, living together in a 1 room cabin...........but we made it.

We picked our house plans out of a cabin book, mostly because we were looking for something unique and affordable. My husband built the whole thing by himself, with exception to the metal roof and the electrical and plumbing. He made us so proud!

Here is our house from 2 winters ago. I could not find a current one without snow. But i love this picture.

And here is our view, this looks to be around spring time.

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Sailing Simply said...

What a wonderful story and beautiful views you have! Your husband did a wonderful job, it is lovely!

Kellie said...

Great story!
And I think your house and view are beautiful!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, I love how God works things out!
Why do we ever wast a minute worrying about how something is going to turn out???
And I love your view. :)